8 reasons to study English in Australia

estudiar en australia


If you have not already convinced, Here we will list the reasons why it's worth coming to study English Aoz:


  1. A large country like EUROPA

Australia is immense, so you have many places as diverse among which to choose when coming to live and study English.

The Aussies are concentrated in cities as diverse as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide o Brisbane, but you can also choose more tranquil destinations and perhaps not so well known, that allow you to get in touch with local people and experience more fully the 'real Australia'. Darwin, Cairns, Noosa, Byron Bay, Hobart… These are just some examples.



Australia es exótica y moderna at the same time. Many are choosing to study English in nearby destinations such as England or Ireland, and although these also have many good things, the truth is that there are many Spaniards there and it is difficult to walk by without hearing some English cities Castilian in all corners.

Although we are becoming more we encourage you to cross the Atlantic and come to the antipodes, Australia has the advantage of being far enough away to still keep the mystique and charm that provide exotic and distant destinations where even the stars are different.


  1. VIRGIN undiscovered country

If you wanted to go all the beaches of Oz, visiting one each day, it take 27 years old.

It has pristine beaches and mountains, the oldest rainforests in the world, Great Barrier Reef, exceptional flora and fauna found only here and many natural wonders steps from the cities. Respect and public awareness about the environment is very important for society in general aussie.



Whether you come to learn English, as to study a course TAFE, master or university, Australia boasts cutting-edge educational institutions.

5 of 100 Best Universidsdes the world are here and so many others still on the list, so you can find schools and universities with top quality and highly qualified teachers in all cities.

Further, has one of the educational systems with higher success rates in the world.



Increasingly, Australia is the Desino chosen by young students of all nationalities, so you can create links and make friends from all five continents, enrich the experiences offered by the travel and meet people from all over the world and live away from home.



The good life of Australians is one of the main attractions when choosing where to study, especially if you plan to seek a career opportunity, find luck and who knows if root in Oz.

Aussie lifestyle is relaxed and noted for its' good vibes. Always with the present sea (Most Australians do not live more than 50 km from the coast), generally enjoy their free time organizing barbecues, surfing and all kinds of outdoor sports.



Employment prospects if you know English and have a good preparation are very alagüeñas, There is a high demand for skilled jobs almost all areas and is a country of opportunities. Yes, To access this type of work you need to get a sponshorship and is usually easier to do if you're in Australia, You can introduce yourself personally to interviews and course, perfectly mastered the language (although it depends on what professions there who get a visa skill from Spain, not think that is the general rule).

The unemployment rate is quite low and there is much movement work, so they arrive can find unskilled help keep you. But you have to remember that you have to move, appear on sites and be a little resolved, work will not knock on your door if you do not want.

From Australian Way we help facilitándoos some job so you can do interviews on arrival, allanandoos the way.



In Australian Way work with all Oz schools that offer a range of courses and wider options. Therefore, if you get tired of the city you have chosen or just prefer to complete your experience living in a different, Do not worry because you can! We also reserve the accommodation from Spain and we have partners in all cities, so we always have close to anything you need. :)