Student Accommodation in Australia


Uno de los aspectos más importantes de tu viaje a Australia es el accommodation.

We put all necessary means to find and manage the accommodation that best suits your needs depending on your taste and budget.

We arrange accommodation search you want and arrange the booking of it without any additional cost for the service so you do not have to worry about anything. It is convenient to consider the offer is available, so we recommend making a reservation ahead of time.

Las principales formas de alojamiento en Australia para nada más aterrizar son:


It's a great way to start your trip to Australia. If you want to meet people from other countries and be in contact with English from day one this is definitely your choice. The residences with which we work let you choose all facilities. You can choose between single or double room. Having kitchen, laundry, Breakfast, air conditioning, TV, DVD, internet, garden with barbecue ... and know a lot of people!!

Alojamiento en Australia. estudia en australia. australianway.es2Alojamiento en Australia. estudia en australia. australianway.es3Alojamiento en Australia. estudia en australia.


A different form of accommodation for younger. Race into Australian family life knowing the culture and customs of the same. You will have own room, Breakfast and dinner included and all the facilities of living in familia.La Most houses are 20-30 minutes from downtown.

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It is another option. You usually have between 5 the 7 peers in the same house, which include mostly international students. Is there an option in the center and the beach areas.

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Aquí os dejamos algunas opciones para cuando llegues a Australia buscar el alojamiento que se ajuste a tus gustos y necesidades. Know that this must be sought from there because otherwise, is difficult for people to wait on you and it is always better to choose your own area and coworkers who want to live. We when you get to Australia will advise on the best areas and the lowest.


Know Airbnb? La manera más fácil y económica de reservar alojamiento en cualquier parte del mundo.

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