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Work & Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)
The Work Agreement & Holiday Visa between Spain and Australia was signed on 3 September in Canberra by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel García-Margallo, and Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.
This visa will allow young people to enter 18 and 30 years of both countries to study and work in Australia or vice versa during peak 1 year. Today 23 November opens the deadline for submitting applications
For additional information you can contact from 23 November with:
Visa conditions:
• up to be GRANTED 500 visas.
• The visa allows you to stay and work in Australia for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of first entry into the country.
• It is visa Temporary multiple entry.
• You can only obtain a visa of this type 1 Once in a lifetime.
• This allowed study for a while max 4 months.
• This allowed work for a max 12 months while in Australia and may not work for the same company over 6 months unless they are expressly authorized to do so by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
• We will have to return to Spain after their stay close in Australia.
Being Spanish and have passport Spanish valid.
• Be greater than 18 years and under 31 upon request.
• Not have previously requested this visa.
• Have money a minimum savings for our stay (required $5.000 AUD).
• Have return ticket, or have sufficient funds to buy.
• Pay the application rate visa (Work and Holiday visa- subclass 462, cost $420 AUD). See:
• Having a English level functional (see details below).
• Have at least two full years of college (Higher Education: see details below).
• Comply with the requirements god bless you and having a health insurance covering cases of hospitalization throughout their stay in Australia, in accordance with Australian law.
• Lack of police record (signed statement).
• Have a letter of support issued by the General Secretariat for Immigration and Emigration of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security (see details below).
• Declare that the purpose of the trip is tourist or acquire a personal or professional experience.

The Sunday 23 November 2014 opens the deadline for submitting applications.
Before applying for a visa, filling has the following form: Form 1208 Application for a Work and Holiday Visa (380KB PDF). Also have to deliver all documents required and pay the rate Visa Application. Apply through this link that we then:
The application must be submitted by mail to Australian Immigration Office Berlin:Embassy of Australia in Berlin (Germany):Australian Embassy, Berlin, Germany, Visa OfficeWall Street 76-79

D-10179 Berlin


After submitting the visa application and required documents, will confirm that it has received all the information.
After the period provided, will tell you if it is granted or not a visa with the corresponding details.
The applicant must be outside Australia during application and granting of visas.CONTACT AND INFORMATION

For information about how to issuing the letter of support, what level of English you have, what must have minimum studies, etc, we leave the page The Spanish Embassy in Melbourne which explains everything in detail: To Additional consultations can be contacted via this form 

Good luck to all, the hope in Australia ;-) And for those who want to come to study and work or for those who can not qualify for this visa, we will be pleased to help you to come to the student visa and may be able to enjoy Australia. CONTACT US HERE AND FILL THIS FORM