Brutus, el cocodrilo de 5,5 metros It believed to have 80 años de edad.

Este famoso cocodrilo de 5.5 meters again left us stunning images this week after to struggle and finally capture a bull shark in Australia. Próximamente en nuestras noticas.

This huge crocodile is known in the Adelaide river, Norther Territory, for its gigantic size and because they lack the right foreleg, that apparently was ripped off in another fight with another shark.

Harry Bowman, of Adelaide River Cruises tells us the number of calls and requests by tourists have to go see Brutus "You are those who Brutus tennis? Do you have the tour to see Brutus? Is it true that there is a huge crocodile that you can see on your tour? You can say it's a local celebrity ", he added.

Tourists when they see this crocodile are left totally impressed. Further, most of those who come to these cruises have not even seen a crocodile before, so it is even more shocking "It's like watching a real dinosaur", he said.

This photo turned everyone in 2011 by the size of this issue. Many people thought it was a photomontage, but it is as real as Brutus.

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I recommend to all who are going to study in Australia that ahorréis money to do this kind of excursions. Norther Territory is a very typical area of ​​Australia with stunning parks as Kakadu National Park (crocodile Dundeee) and Litchfield National Park. Here we leave this awesome video from our friends Adelaide River Cruises, the best and most recommended tour to see crocodiles in Australia.