Australia, the sixth largest exporter of wine

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Aussie Curiosities


Did you know that Australia is the sixth largest exporter of wine? Not a bad position considering that the top 3 occupy Italy, France and Spain.

Precisely because we too large wine producers, We are often unaware of the importance of this sector in Oz, also because until less than 25 years in Europe the Australian wine was not even known.
You know how it all started?
It all started with a small vine in the garden of the governor in Sydney back in 1788 , but soon spread across New South Wales, Victory, South Australia, West Australia y Tasmania.
Today the Australian wine is appreciated throughout the world and is among the most highly regarded red. There are designations of origin and Europe and is common to use mixed with grapes from different regions. And although Spain is more expensive wine aussie, if you are in the antipodes not hesitate to taste it and see with what you stay. :)