Cape Tripulation, the land that time forgot one day

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Aussie Paradises‬:

Cape Tribulation‬ this is, the absence of a, the place where they meet twonatural wonders which are Heritage: the‪ ‎Daintree Rainforest‬, the oldest rainforest in the world, andGreet Barrier Reef‬, the world's largest living organism.

It is about 100 km north of Cairns‬ and has been described as “the land that time forgot one day”. And is that fortunately, there are few things have changed around here in more than130 million years. If ever you wondered how was the planet for thousands of years, CapeTribulation is a unique example in the world that has survived outside of time. Silent Witness of ice ages, dinosaurs and climate change, this area has provided a refuge for a ecosystem sole.

Here live more than 3.000 plant species, many of which already believed extinct, and more than one third of mammals Australia, 13 of which are found nowhere else in the world.

It is our task to present these forgotten havens for so long to also assume the duty to preserve.