CEXT, a portal to connect with Spanish and entities worldwide


Thousands of young Spaniards have left behind their life and have started a new path with a suitcase in hand. It is important for them to have a place of reference where to go, a place that informs them scholarships and jobs, to tell the experiences of other young people and it becomes a link with life in Spain and his.

To this arises CEXT, since 2009 It has carved a niche among young people by providing the tools and resources needed to develop their life in the new country of destination. CEXT is not a site with information about a specific place, nor an agency; rather it is a conduit for the activity of Spanish citizens abroad, which provides a more global view and a link.


CEXT It has a network of collaborators who inform street of what happens in the country of residence. You can also find updated information on scholarships, courses and cultural events around the world. Digital encounters with leading figures who can answer questions from users held. It reports on the Youth Programs. And recently we have also included a section offers employment Spanish for the world. Through this section, the user can find offers specialized according to the country where they are.


But without any doubt, What characterizes more CEXT It is acting as a channel for different entities and portals related to migration. Through its own profile, each entity can publish their activities and relevant content and connect with the Spanish who visit the page.


CEXT is a great body made up of users and entities, in which you can create groups with common themes, comment on posts and even connect with other users who are in the same city. It also has a section on experiencias of young Spaniards who have emigrated and have an interesting story to tell.

Ultimately, CEXT is active and informed network of young Spaniards who are outside Spain or planning to leave. In CEXT There is a place for everyone. What's yours?