As validate a driving license in Australia

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Permit international circulation

Before embarking on your journey, en vuestro país de origen, es siempre recomendable pasar por la oficina de tráfico de vuestra ciudad y sacaros el carnet de conducir internacional. This license is a provisional document 1 year that is processed on the same day and allows you to validate all licenses that you may have (Car and Moto). En muchos sitios de alquiler de coches y campervans en Australia os van a exigir este carnet de conducir internacional.


  • Spanish driving license rule
  • Passport and ID in order
  • 2 fotos book
  • Between 10 and 20 Euros



Permit Australian Currency

Si vuestra intención es permanecer en Australia por un largo periodo, worth removed the Australian driving license, it shall be for a minimum period of 3 years and allow us to validate the cards car and motorcycle (provided that we have in our country). In order to get permission to Australian currency you have to go to traffic in Australia. Dependiendo en la ciudad y estado donde estéis hay una oficina de tráfico diferente. In this link you can see which is the nearest office of the city where you live: DRIVER LICENSE RENEWAL. If your intention is to drive mopeds or scooters up 125 DC converter with car license (as in Spain) we can directly get us both registration certificates following the steps of “validate the permit mopeds up 125 c.c”


  • Spanish driving license
  • Valid passport
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Filling a
  • Certificate of your Australian bank where your name and your address appears in Australia
  • $80 Approximately AUD



Convalidar el permiso de circulación de scooters o motos de hasta 125 DC converter and drive

In Spain with car driving license, We can also drive motorcycles up 125 c.c. Los scooters o motos son un buen medio de transporte para las ciudades, you'll save money and also will give you a lot of freedom. In Australia does not work well, yet we can validate our Spanish driving license car, para conducir scooters o motos de hasta 125 c.c. Validating our card this way, we can obtain both registration certificates (scooters and motorcycle up 125 DC converter and drive)


  • Spanish driving license
  • Passport
  • Go to the Spanish consulate to make us a certificate stating that in Spain with car license can drive scooters up 125 c.c. This certificate has a cost of about $53 AUD
  • Bring this certificate to translate exclusively into the center to tell us our traffic office. En el caso de NSW Pagar las tasas, about $100 AUD
  • Certificate of your Australian bank where your name and your address appears in Australia
  • Go to your office traffic and with all this documentation to pay a fee of approximately $80 AUD for both licenses





En algunas ocasiones os pueden solicitar un examen psicotécnico. La licencia de conducir australiana además os valdrá para identificaros en cualquier sitio en Australia.

And remember guys! DRIVE ON LEFT IN AUSTRALIA ;-) Tened mucho cuidado a la hora de conducir y acostumbraos poniendo mucha atención. Especially Respect the speed limit.