You know the Flat White Coffee?

flat white coffee australia




Do you know the Flat White Coffee? It is an Australian invention: mixing with creamy latte at which microscopic bubbles are blown.


If you are not very coffee you might think that is a mix between #capuchino and spanish coffee with milk, but do not you ever tell this to an aussie, because they are very proud to bring your own coffee granite history of this drink. ;)


In Australia not agree, some say the first Flat White was taken in Melbourne back in the 70 and others in Sydney, but the truth is that today this invention aussie has become a classic in many cities outside of Oz as London or New York.


It is always served in a ceramic cup and if you want to try one really rich, nosotros os recomendamos The Grounds of Alexandria en Sydney.


One flat white for me, please! ;)