¿Cuál es la mejor ciudad para estudiar en Australia?

Can you has passed… You've made the decision to come to Australia, lo tienes claro pero… What city choose? To help a bit to find “your site”, hemos hecho esta selección con las ventajas e inconvenientes de vivir en las principales ciudades aussies. Anyway, como siempre decimos… cualquier lugar de Australia mola muuuucho así que por encima de todo: Enjoy Australia!!

  • Possibly the most popular city of Australia
  • Good weather almost all the year
  • Many Job opportunities
  • High awareness and respect for the medio ambiente
  • Safe city (all aussies cities are)
  • Many diverse ALL, You can find anything you're looking (gastronomy, deporte, leisure, culture, fiesta…)
  • Public transport unsurpassable (bus, train and ferry)
  • Perfect combination for those seeking city, beach and nature
  • Great diversity racial and cultural
  • Es la most expensive city (It is especially noticeable in entertainment and accommodation)
  • In the most popular areas (how come Bondi Beach) you will meet mucha people internacional
  • considered the best city in the world to live
  • The Australian city better quality of life
  • Cosmopolitan, avant-garde and modern
  • alternative environment, bohemian and cultural activity
  • Cafes, bars and restaurants con encanto en cualquier rincón
  • Plans for all tastes, live music and plenty of nightlife
  • Great job throughout the year
  • People in general It is friendly and casual

  • It is able to display the Four Seasons in one day
  • Is something más lluviosa (is not your town if you want the Australian sunshine all year)
  • Es la ciudad australiana más “europeizada” (something that can become negative, as you look)
  • If what you're looking for up and go out at night, sin duda Gold Coast es tu ciudad.
  • Great offer nightlife and music festivals, sobre todo en el verano australiano (de diciembre a marzo)
  • Good weather all year and much young atmosphere
  • It is one of the Australian favorite cities for summer, además de ser el sitio elegido por los recién graduados (the schoolies) para su viaje (y sus juergas) de fin de curso.
  • The accommodation is the cheapest en las principales ciudades de Australia
  • The beaches and climate te harán sentir que vives en unas vacaciones permanentes
  • A lot surfer / beach atmosphere
  • In low season it is less easy to find work
  • It may surprise some summer storm, por su clima tropical
  • If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, maybe not your site
  • Quality training: high-level educational institutions, well designed for students
  • Sunny weather almost all the year (the temperature never drops below 10 degrees)
  • very quiet and safe city
  • It offers many facilities to practice outdoor sports
  • Near large cities: halfway between Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast y Byron Bay
  • Aussies relaxed and friendlier in Sydney (as a general tonic)
  • great multiculturalism despite being smaller than Sydney or Melbourne
  • less crowded International students
  • Menos vida nocturna que otras ciudades, Here life becomes more during the day (which can also be positive, again as you seek)
  • Clima subtropical (falling between December and March many storms, with temperatures up 30 degrees and high humidity)
  • Less cultural and musical offerings gratuita
  • Less labor movement in Melbourne or Sydney (especially in winter)
  • No beach (aunque las playas de Gold Coast se encuentran a poco más de 1 hour drive)

  • Environment 100% aussie (great if you want to integrate into their culture and traditions)
  • Less international students (thus, menos españoles)
  • Where are the wilder beaches and less exploited in Australia
  • This closer to home, porque es de las primeras ciudades que te encuentras al llegar a Australia (you save a 5 horas de vuelo)
  • moderate Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Perth enjoys more than 320 days of sunshine per year, to enjoy the sea or nature of its surroundings.
  • In general it is much más económico other Australian cities (por ejemplo: puedes encontrar una habitación con baño por $200 AUD, mientras que en Sydney, en temporada alta, no bajan de $250 AUD).
  • It is the only city on the West Coast: you will be farthest from the rest cities of Australia, so you have to move by plane if you want to sightsee ...
  • Less leisure y variedad de planes que otras en grandes ciudades
  • Si vas buscando fiesta, Perth is not your place

  • Ambiente hippie & surfer 100% aussie
  • Good weather throughout the year
  • Playas increíbles y paisajes de película
  • Less international students (thus, menos españoles)
  • Ambiente bohemio y alternativo
  • young city, tranquila y relajada
  • Bares, restaurantes y pequeños cafés con encanto
  • Estilo de vida saludable y deportivo… ¡Se come genial!
  • Muchos planes y variada agente cultural (festivales de cine, conciertos de música, etc.)
  • It's a small town, si te gusta el movimiento de las grandes ciudades igual se te queda pequeño.
  • Menos ofertas de trabajo and employment opportunities in other places like Sydney or Melbourne (sobre todo en temporada baja).

  • It is the nearest city Gran Barrera de Coral
  • Clima tropical throughout the year
  • Ambiente tranquilo y relajado
  • Less international students (thus, menos españoles)
  • Mucha naturaleza, bosques tropicales, selvas salvajes y fauna animal de todo tipo
  • Muchos planes y actividades deportivas (acuáticas y terrestres)
  • It's a small city, if you like the hassle of the big cities just is not your choice.
  • Menos ofertas de trabajo and employment opportunities, es más difícil encontrar empleo.

  • Ciudad parecida a Gold Coast, pero más pequeña y tranquila
  • Good weather throughout the year
  • Playas y paisajes espectaculares
  • Less international students (thus, menos españoles)
  • Fauna y flora de todo tipo
  • Montas, ríos lagos, parques naturales y mucha vida salvaje
  • It's a small city, if you like the hassle of the big cities just is not your choice.
  • Menos ofertas de trabajo and employment opportunities, es más difícil encontrar empleo.

  • Gran calidad de vidad
  • City grande y joven, with many international students
  • Mediterranean climate (moderate throughout the year)
  • Coste de vida menor, es más barata que otras ciudades
  • City Well comunicated, with excellent infrastructure
  • Muchos planes, eventos y festivales
  • Multicultural con personas de todo el mundo
  • Menos “espíritu” aussie que en otro lugares de Australia
  • Ciudad menos conocida que otras grandes metrópolis como Sydney o Melbourne