Equipo Australian Way en Gold Coast

When we decided to start a new life far from home what concerns us most is the uncertainty of the early days, and always welcome a little help for such a change is as easy as possible… dont you think? That is why the team always AW awaits you in your destiny to help you in everything you need, and now we add a new signing with the addition of Laura, AW our collaborator in the picturesque Gold Coast. Rock on!


My name is Laura and I am from Canary. I love to travel and live out my life making an ongoing challenge. Thus, I try to learn and absorb the places and the people around me, and enjoying the adventure of everyday. When I started the Biology I applied all possible scholarships that allowed me to travel and study at the same time, so I ended up living in Sevilla, France and Scotland, be unforgettable experiences for me.


The truth was never a destination that especially caught my attention, Australia chose a combination of several factors. When I returned from Scotland I began to consider the next destination to improve my English, Canaria as good but did not want to get cold and, if possible, have about the beach. I remembered that several friends he had known in Scotland had lived in Australia and always talked about his wonderful experience, how well you live, its incredible scenery and wildlife animals. So the combination was perfect: english + hot + playa + good life, and this is how I ended up choosing Gold Coast destination.


At first I lived in Brisbane for 3 months because I wanted to also be changing city. I stayed at a backpacker for a month where I met a group of amazing people. Shared room with 10 and people did together so many plans never came over me that feeling of remoteness or loneliness. Regarding the work, a friend from school helped me get. It is very common for all students and help inform job vacancies.


That's backpack smiles fill, good humor and joy leaving behind fears, doubts and moodiness. Forget all the negative because they will live in an amazing city, They surrounded by students from different countries who will have fun enjoying the beaches, nature and party :)