Álvaro, colaborador en Melbourne


Life is meant for the brave as Alvaro, a good decided to leave Madrid to live the adventure of a lifetime. For some time now he lives in Melbourne, city ​​is known as the palm of your hand. That's why we have signed for the AW team, que sigue creciendo en una ciudad que nos encanta. Sin duda, Melbourne es la ciudad más cool de Australia, a mixture of style, deporte, cultura y gastronomía. Let's learn more about this young Madrid, welcome mate! ;)


My name is Alvaro, I have 28 and I'm from Madrid. I love traveling, a good surf session, a good snowpark, good acoustic in small concert halls, or outdoor and bbq with friends. I wear 7 meses viviendo en Melbourne aunque también he pasado una temporada en Kuala Lumpur.


Australia es una aventura de esas a las que uno tiene que lanzarse en algún momento. Supongo que la distancia siempre tira hacia atrás, but there roundtrip tickets, then… why not? A few years ago I was about to come a time, but I finally decided by Malaysia. After a while Australia stayed in my subconscious, and I could not stay with the doubt.


The principles were fairly easy to me. It was the first time I was leaving for a distant country, and also he knew people in Melbourne, aunque cuando más gente nueva conoces es cuando empiezas las clases en la escuela. He trabajado en muchos sitios diferentes, en un night market, a beach bar paellas, distributing advertising in train stations, en un puesto de naranjas en un market orgánico… y actualmente estoy trabajando en un coffee a la vez que hago entrevistas para trabajar en agencias de viajes. ¡Lo importante es no quedarte parado!


The most successful and most repeated advice is… aprovechad al 110% this experience, since Melbourne is an amazing city, where every weekend you can enjoy a different event, as the F1 Grand Prix, Moto Gp Award Phillip Island or the Australian Open Tennis. Living in Melbourne is very comfortable and in turn is very exciting, therefore it has been considered several years in a row the best city in the world to live. It is perhaps the city in which we imagining Australia, but very surprised. Finding work is relatively easy, As long as you move a little bit and your English is acceptable.

By the way, we also have our Surf Coast… 'And it's amazing!!!