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In Australia there are many schools that offer English. The course fee varies depending on the school, quality, type of course, city ​​and other variables. The prices are among the $170 AUD and $340 AUD per week. Schools offer discounts and special prices for students caught long courses. The course of English depends on what the student is looking for and the level of English that has, being the minimum of 3 months. You can make different types of courses:

  • General English Course: Availability at all levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Cambridge certifícate: For those who want the First or Advanced.
  • IELST: Is the certificate that will open all doors in Australia to find work and other postgraduate study or vocational.
  • TECSOL / TESOL: Aprende como ensenar inglés.
  • English for Academic Purposes: One type of course you allow access to the Australian university.
  • Business English: This course will give you everything you need to know English to work in the business world through case studies, presentations and teamwork.

English courses start every Monday and can be intensive up 25 sessions per week or normal 20 sessions per week.

In Australian Way took over 5 anos trabajando con más de 50 schools across Australia and New Zealand distributed in various different major cities. Nuestra experiencia nos ha ensenado a distinguir las escuelas más económicas que mejor funcionan, the best value for money and improve schools.

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