VET vocational courses (Vocational Education Training)


Training courses are characterized by having flexible hours and in some schools be fairly inexpensive. These courses last usually ranges between 6 months 2 years old. La mayoría de los cursos están disenados para formar a los estudiantes con habilidades técnicas específicas. The training courses are very practical and work orientadados.Prices, depending on the school, ranging between $3000 AUD per semester up to $15.000 AUD por ano.

There are a variety of courses among which: Business Administration, Computer Science, Marketing, Business, Diseno Gráfico, Tourism, Events, sports, Fitness, etc

Training courses usually start roughly once a month or every two months.

The certificates are to study a TAFE or VET meet international standards and prepare students to perform a variety of jobs. The degree depends on each course and duration, For this reason there are six levels:

Certificate: 2 - 3 months
Certificate II: 3 - 6 months
Certificate III: 6 - 9 months
Certificate IV: 9 - 12 months
Diploma: 1 - 1.5 years old
Advanced Diploma: 1 - 2.5 years old

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