Free Surf lessons by Australian Way en Sydney

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Best of count in the AW team with a lover who has been surfing monitor in Spain, is that before purchasing a surf camp, We organized our own One Day Surf Trip!

You know Alberto and thinking of new things to organize, it has happened prepare our own surf lessons, and have found it a great idea.

As we know a surf camp use can escape some a little budget, what better to try first to see how it gives us the matter with a surf trip and free classes by AW.

The plan is to meet next Saturday 7 March at 7:00am on the rear bus stop Bondi Junction, where you pick a minibus, will rent equipment road and nots head for the beaches of Killalea State Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Australia and a nature reserve surf where we see even kangaroos on the beach!

Alberto will give classes and spend the day surfing, enjoying the sea and good company. If you want to bring you some friend is welcome but please, Stablish assistance so that we can better organize the group and the issue of transportation and rental!

Here you have a list of all that you need to bring:

– Water Bottle
– Bocata blunt when ye depart water
– Towel, swimsuit and sunscreen
– Really looking forward to paddling!

We will inform here in case there are any changes or beach venue as the waves of the day.

To monitor and ye know, so spare presentations :D