Lord Howe Islands in Australia

Islas Lord Howe estudiar en australia australian way trabajar en australia

The #IslasLordHowe were one of the last islands of land to be discovered and have been described by many scientists “an extraordinary place that is almost unbelievable that there”. Rightly composes one de havens #Australia and one of its best kept secrets, small “Lost Land” in the Pacific Ocean that has been recognized World Heritage Site by #UNESCO.

Volcanic, has steep green mountains covered, steep slopes, bays of turquoise water with its own coral reef and especially, a variety of life including endemic species that have evolved independently from the rest of the planet: called rarest insect world, mushrooms that glow in the dark, 13 types of endemic birds, a curious kind of palm tree or a huge bat, inter alia.

It is in the sea #Tasmania, Two hours of flight #Sydney the#Brisbane, and only visit allowed 400 people at once. Bicycles are the best means of transportation and mobile phones are not covered. Here are claveados electrical and only 300 people live there all year.

No wonder they call “paradise”.