The Macadamia Nut native to Australia

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Aussie Curiosities
¿Sabías que la Nuez de Macadamia es originaria de Australia? Specifically in the area of ​​Queensland, although one of its biggest producers is Hawaii.
It is the most modern of nuts, was not discovered until since 1857, But today is not what we would do without vanilla ice cream with macadamia nuts!
The genus includes many species macadamias spread Oz and Indonesia, but except two edible types, the rest are poisonous. However, It is said that before the arrival of Europeans in Australia, Aborigines ate all, because they know how to cook to neutralize the poison and can eat without suffering any health problems. Further, their trees bloom several times a year so it's hard to stay Inventories.
No wonder cake with Macadamian Nuts is a must here in Australia!