Procurarsi il visto da studente ISCRIVERSI IN GOLD COAST A SCUOLA INFORUM

Inforum EducationPrendere il visto per studenti liberi di iscriversi a Inforum, Gold Coast! Una de las mejores escuelas para estudiar inglés que hay en Australia. For a limited time, students have the chance to receive a refund on their visa application fee of up to $535. To be eligible, students need to:•Enrol for 24 weeks or more
•Apply by 31 Dicembre 2014
•Pay in full by 31 January 2015
•Commence their course by 30 June 2015

Students who pay their course in full, will receive the refund in the week they start their studies at Inforum Education Australia. If paying by instalments, students will receive the refund on payment of their final instalment.

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