The 10 Best travel around New Zealand

New Zealand (Maori Aotearoa "Land of the long white cloud ') It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a paradise for nature lovers and sport. It's formed by two large islands (North Island and South Island) along with many other smaller islands, It contains a host of incredible natural landscapes Legend infested lakes, mountains, glaciers, bosques tropicales, fjords and volcanoes. A blast that nothing in the world you can lose. Everyone should travel to New Zealand at least once in your life!


With 10-15 days is enough. What you will find? valles inmensos, volcanes ó la tierra donde se hizo la recreación de “Mordor” de la saga de El Señor de los Anillos.

It does not have big problems. The roads are good. If you have little time (one week) we recommend Auckland to Wellington fly and rent a car to climb to Auckland again stopping through different enclaves and stopping in different cities along the way. Si eres fan de “El señor de los anillos” tienes que pasar por Hobbiton. Be careful with snow and ice on the road during the winter months.



With 10-15 days is enough. What you will find? incredible beaches, turquoise lakes, junglas, bosques tropicales, fiordos, etc.

“Frost” and snow may be present the winter months and before or after the season. consult road conditions It is highly recommended before starting the trip. A pesar del clima, Prepare yourself for the most stunning landscapes on the planet, atravesando carreteras que dan una sensación de libertad impresionante.

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Necesitarás unas 3 weeks to make the two islands calmly. Cross drive from island to island costs about NZ $ 220 y debes además empaquetar todo el equipaje para entregar el coche, por lo que a veces es recomendable dejarlo y alquilar otro coche al otro lado. Si dispones de tiempo (y dinero) para recorrerte las dos islas… ¡Alucinarás! (aunque volverás a casa con un buen cargamento de agujetas)


En dos semanas se pueden ver 20 the best places in the country (aunque seguramente nos quedaremos cortos):

  1. Penguin Colony Oamaru.
  2. Peninsula Dunedin.
  3. Queenstown.
  4. Milford Sound.
  5. Lake Manapouri.
  6. Doubtful Sound.
  7. Franz Josef Glacier.
  8. Fox Glacier.
  9. Mount Cook.
  10. Arthur’s Pass National Park.
  11. Tongariro National park.
  12. Huka Falls.
  13. Orakei Korako.
  14. Waimangu Volcanic Valley
  15. Wai o Tapu.
  16. Rotorua. Te Puia.
  17. Hobbiton.
  18. Auckland.

Optionally and if you some time left over :

  • Waitomo Caves : Cave Luciernagas.
  • White Island : Isla Volcánica con un dantesco paisaje marcado por un volcán activo.
  • Bring warm and waterproof. The temperature varies widely during the same day, so if you wake with solecito not trust you… You may afternoon you drop a good downpour.
  • Watch out behind the wheel! You'll spend much time in the car so follow the signs, use safety belts and respect speed limits (50km / h maximum city). There are radars everywhere.
  • Do not rush with gasoline, not going to be that you stay lying in the middle of… the nothing.
  • Every two hours of travel is usually rest areas with bathrooms and picnic tables. Localízalas and fail to make a break if you need it. On the way, take a look around you… Enjoy the scenery!
  • Paper maps remain. Vale… Who does not already have GPS on mobile? Anyway, mobile or GPS can always fail (especially in areas with poor coverage), so it never hurts to take a local map printed above.
  • The best time to travel to New Zealand is November to April, when the temperature is softer and therefore nice to do trekking and enjoy its charms. From June to August (both inclusive) It is the coldest season.
  • To sleep you have several options: use your car, rent a room through pages Airbnb from Couchsurfing, stay in a hotel (less economical option) or use backpackers hostels are fine and not expensive.
  • If you're not beer… You have to try the local beer Tui, It is very good!

If you're thinking about getting a tour of New Zealand (which it is a must if you're in Australia), You have several options for recorrerte either of the two islands (or both), but without any doubt the best option is to drive.

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This is a perfect route for a weekend from Nelson, through the mountain passes of Franz Josef and Haast. You can stop to see the natural pools of turquoise that is in the Haast Pass, Pinakaiki rock formation and one of the most famous glaciers in the country: Franz Josef. Stay two nights in the Glacier area or in Hokitika and three days to explore the environment.

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Start a car trip 2 days around Mount Taranaki from New Plymouth, Surf Highway and follow the road 45 to enjoy some of the best views in New Zealand. Even if you're not surfing you'll come across many places where you stop to take pictures, great shopping and many more hiking trails as you get to Stratford. You can end the trip here ... or go to the village of Whangamomona in the "Forgotten World Highway" (Forgotten World Highway). Yes, It will take a few more hours.

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This drive explores the lesser known southern road from Auckland to Hamilton, with a few amazing stops along the route. If you like surfing, take a break in Raglan. The road does not pass along the coast, but you'll encounter wonders like the Waitomo Caves (famous for their luminescent worms) and the thermal pools of Waingoro.

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You could fly to Kaitaia, but driving will allow you to explore every beach, fish restaurant each and every hidden corner surfero the Twin Coast Highway. This is the perfect car ride for the summer in New Zealand. Auckland is an excellent base camp for its bars, pubs and restaurants. The Hauraki Gulf is a scenic route along the coast. And both Whangarey as the Bay of Islands have warm temperatures ideal. Cape Reinga and Ninety Mile Beach are essential.

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Wanaka to DUNEDIN


On this trip the least important are the stops. What is essential is the route itself. This is one of the most beautiful roads in New Zealand and gorges make you want to stop every 5 minutes to take pictures (That always makes you good). Go through Oamaru or Queenstown to cross off your list some destinations, before reaching the charming city of Dunedin.

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This route is also known as Arthur's Pass, a road that any kiwi (or any traveler in New Zealand) you should experience. With 300 kilometers of distance, It is not for sissies, but we promise spectacular views of the National Park Arthur's Pass will more than offset, and landscapes unmatched on the west coast of South Island. Since you are, stop by the rock formations known as "Pancake Rocks”.

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This is another road trip of those that leave you with your mouth open. And no wonder because you'll pass through the Mount Cook National Park and you can stop at the edge of Lake Tekapo. Whether you like fishing or not, enjoy the rivers and lakes to find your way.

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This could be the road trip through New Zealand sunniest, with stops in places like the beach Ohope, Mount Mauganui and Whangamata, plus the chance to discover the Coromandel Peninsula. It is a particularly interesting thanks to the abundance of fresh fish on the east coast route for lovers of gastronomy and vineyards in Auckland.

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This route is known under the name of "Thermal Explorer" and, if you want to make all the stops, It takes a few 5 days to complete. It starts in the wine area of ​​Napier, before stopping at Lake Taupo to continue north towards the geysers and hot pools in Rotorua. Freshen yourself in one of these natural baths is one of the best ways to appreciate the geothermal activity in New Zealand.

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This is the quintessential kiwi trip, surely it includes all essential related attractions The Lord of the Rings _y _The Hobbit and the cities of Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown. The route to Middle Earth will take you through Matamata, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury, Mackenzie Country, South lakes and fjords area, the film set of "The Shire" in the famous trilogy, Lake Moke and in the South Island Arrowtown. Remember that it is much cheaper to make a car trip that crosses New Zealand sign a tour of Lord of the Rings.

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