DID YOU KNOW… The Koala is a marsupial mammal that inhabits areas of Australia and lives in trees. are between 61 and 85 cm and weigh between 4 and 14 kg. They are distinguished by their large dark nose, his good-natured appearance and also for its big ears. They are animals, night, they operate only at night and therefore have an ear and a highly developed sense of smell, although we can not say the same of sight. But most surprising is their way of life, sleep about 20h a day, even more than the lazy, what “alone” 18h sleep. This is done to save energy and to survive in conditions of food shortage also…

They can live without water: We knew the camels could survive long periods without drinking but, Have you heard that koalas could also do? De hecho, its name suggests this feature since "koala" is an Aboriginal word meaning "do not drink". The reason is none other than feeding. Koalas get the water they need from eucalyptus leaves, which they are toxic to other species, and other plants rich in liquids. So, It is not to drink water, It is that the food they eat gives them enough to live. These marsupials only drink if they are sick or if there is not enough moisture in the leaves during the dry season. Koalas can live up 17 years old, but on average the life of a male koala is only 10 years due to injuries and accidental deaths

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