Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

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They say the most wild blue is beneath the waves and Australia knows this much.


Ningaloo Reef is located northeast of Western Australia, about 1.200 km north of Perth. Aboriginal language meaning 'deepwater', and that is the deepest largest reef Australia and can be found off the coast.


From 2011 is part of Heritage and if you thought the Great Barrie Reef what you had seen it all, I even left some unfinished business… For some it is better than the Great Barrier Reef and less crowded, but comparisons, Here we tell you some things about this paradise and we propose a local excursions:


Ningaloo has 260 km long and is well known for one of its greatest citizens: the whale shark, living here during the months of March to June. But during the winter months, Ningaloo is also part of the migration routes of dolphins, dugongos, mantarrayas, humpback whales and turtles. It has countless species of fish, corals and molluscs, and divers can easily find lionfish, angelfish, candiles, mere, peces their, Octopuses, stripes, hawksbills… nothing planted snorkel tube.


A really nice experience snorkeling area Coralbay, surrounded by white sand beaches, small fishing villages and national parks. If you have a few days, You can explore the whole area down the Indian Ocean Way to the area of ​​Shark Bay, which is also a World Heritage Site and the westernmost point of Oz. The two sites are well worth a visit..