What visa do I need to Australia?

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Aussie Visa

¿Student Visa, Tourist Work & Holiday Visa? What visa do I need to travel to Australia, qué puedo hacer con cada uno de ellos y cómo puedo sacarlos? Aquí te solucionamos tus dudas.

The department Australian Immigration has established rules to be followed for visas.

The web www.immi.gov.au Immigration is a very complete and useful online page that gives you support in any issue about your trip to Australia and all issues Immigration.

Different visas to those who can apply in Australia depend on your nationality, age, and purpose of travel (study, i work, etc.)

The most common visas and the most often asked people are:

  • TOURIST VISA (Tourist Visa)

Tene last 3 other expandable months 3 months (maximum 12 months) leaving the country and re-enter. You must have round trip ticket because at customs upon arrival in Australia you would be ordered. You can study up to 3 months, or else visit Australia as a tourist. Yes, the big difference with student visa is that DO NOT WORK PERMITS. This visa can be applied:

  • From outside Australia: Before arriving in Australia and 1 month before you can apply on line at tourist visa from immigration page: for free www.immi.gov.au.
  • From within Australia: It can also be also applied to tourist visa from within Australia. Thus you have to pay a $250 AUD and duration of 3 months.

  • STUDENT VISA (Student Visa)

The Student Visa STUDY AND WORK PERMITS over a period of 20h per week during the study period and up to 40 hours per week during the holiday period. The duration This depends on the duration of the course or courses in which you enroll. This visa is granted to students who enroll in a course of at least 12 week. The price of the visa is $535 and if the course is over 12 weeks, are required to make a medical tests having an approximate cost 140 Euros depending on the country where they do. In addition it is also mandatory remove a health insurance:

The OSHC health insurance. El Overseas Student Health Cover (CSO)
It is a mandatory health insurance for foreign students in Australia.
This is a subsidized insurance that provides health coverage
equivalent to having an Australian in your country (and similar to our
public health). The OSHC should be hired for the duration of visa
student (we hired the course). Each month OSHC costs about 48
approximately AUD.

Australian Way works with Allianz is the best insurance company today and the few that covers you the 100% so all our students are always well covered.

The student visa will always have the duration of the course for which the student enrolls an extra month's granted by the Embassy Vacation. For student visa, courses that can be studied are:

  • English Courses (General English, IELTS Preparation, Cambridge, etc)
  • Vocational Courses (Cursos KNOW)
  • Cursos TAFE
  • University Courses

Can also be combined several courses within the same visa, for example an English course with a vocational course. It is always recomendable linked by a long course, since the second time student visas are renewed within Australia the cost of the visa is $535 + $700.



La Work and Holiday Visa para españoles, (subclass 462) will allow young people from entering 18 and 30 years of both countries to study and work in Australia or vice versa during peak 1 year. Day 23 November 2014 opened the deadline for submitting applications.

  • This is the address to send all documentation by post:
    Australian Embassy, Berlin, Germany, Visa Office
    Wall Street 76-79
    D-10179 Berlin


• up to be GRANTED 500 visas.
• The visa allows you to stay and work in Australia for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of first entry into the country.
• This is a multiple-entry visa temporary.
• You can only obtain a visa of this type 1 Once in a lifetime.
• This study allowed for a maximum of 4 months.
• This allowed to work for up to 12 months while in Australia and may not work for the same company over 6 months unless they are expressly authorized to do so by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
• We will have to return to Spain after their stay close in Australia.


• Being Spanish and Spanish have a valid passport.
• Be over 18 years and under 31 upon request.
• Not have previously requested this visa.
• Have a minimum savings money for our stay (required $5.000 AUD).
• Having return ticket, or have sufficient funds to buy.
• Pay the visa application fee (Work and Holiday visa- subclass 462, cost $420 AUD). See: http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/462.aspx:
• Having a functional level of English (see details below).
• Have at least two full years of college (Higher Education: see details below).
• Comply with the requirements in health and have medical insurance that covers cases of hospitalization throughout their stay in Australia, in accordance with Australian law.
• No criminal record (signed statement).
• Provide a letter of support issued by the General Secretariat for Immigration and Emigration of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security (see details below).
• Declare that the purpose of the trip is tourist or acquire a personal or professional experience.

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