Quokka Selfie!

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Do you know quokka?
It is a small marsupial native to Australia, the size of a kitten and loves selfies.
Vive en Western Australia, near Perth and Albany, and has done lately very popular in social networks under the hagstag #Quokkaselfie, after many people have shared their selfies posing with this smiling animal.
It is best that is not shy to human contact, quite the contrary. He is friendly and loves to take pictures. In 2013 was named as the happiest animal in the world.
However, Australian Museum has warned that the quokka is a vulnerable species, whose habitat has been threatened by the dingo and red fox. Further, logging and agricultural development has caused a baby born just a year quokka.
It is illegal to touch these animals in their natural habitat, so people writhing in strange positions and selfie stick to take a picture with him without breaking the law.
So you know, if you find a quokka, We want to see your selfie! :)