Rabbit Proo Fence, an Australian film about Aboriginal

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Aussie film

Surely many of you @ s've ever seen the movie Australia but perhaps, unless it, not may know many more films that deal with indigenous Australians and to help us better understand the history of this country.

Well, Today we want to recommend you to see the film Rabbit Fence Proo because we found it simply amazing.

Based on true events, tells the story of a mestizo girls who are separated from their families and sent to a government institution created to educate girls in this condition as domestic service of Australian white society employed, something that happened until years 70 racially motivated.

The film chronicles the odyssey of these girls who manage to flee to try to cross the 1.500 Outback miles that separate them from their home.

It is a very powerful film that helps to understand this human drama so unknown in general. 100% advisable. Encourage them to see it and I shall count us what you think. ;)