Saving the Great Barrier Reef

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Save Save Barrier Reef

In addition to the good things Australia‬, we believe it is also good to send out news so sad to raise awareness of how important it is to care what we have, our house, because we are in Spain or Australia, our house is the planet on which we live:

La UNESCO ya advirtió que la industria del carbón está dañando la GreatBarrierReef and now environmental organizations have complained to the Committee of PatSite least twenty years of UNESCO that Australia is doing everything possible to protect. They ask that the discharge of dredged material is prohibited in the area, that is already taking place as a result of the construction of a new port area for mining expansion, as it is intended to build the largest port in the world mining in this area.

Here live 400 types of coral, 1.500 fish species, turtles and 4000 varieties molluscs. Some of these species are already suffering the consequences.

The only solution is that UNESCO declared the Great Barrier critically endangered and increase protective measures.

Currently merchant ships skim a few inches of coral and this is already affecting biodiversity. Without going further into 2010 ship ran aground in the area and opened a gap 3 km long on the reef.

We just hope that the measures on time to protect this underwater paradise.