Visados para viajar a Australia


Si estás pensando en viajar a Australia para estudiar y/o trabajar, you need a visado de entrada al país. The department Australian Immigration has established rules to be followed for visas.

The Immigration website It is very complete and useful, gives you support in any matter about your trip to Australia and all issues Immigration. Different visas to those who can apply in Australia depend on your nationality, age, and purpose of travel (study, i work, etc.). The most common visas and those people most often ask are the following:

  • Duración: 3 months (expandable to other 3 months, maximum 12 months) leaving the country and re-enter.
  • Es necesario tener billete de ida y vuelta (since at customs on arrival in Australia you they can ask).
  • You can study up to 3 months, or else visit Australia as a tourist.
  • From outside Australia: before reaching Australia and 1 month before you can apply online at tourist visa from the immigration page for free
  • From within Australia: It can also also apply to tourist visa from within Australia. Thus you have to pay a $340 AUD and duration of 3 months.
  • Duración: It is depending on the length of the course or courses you enroll (minimum 12 weeks) plus an extra month of vacation granted by the embassy.
  • Precio: $560.
  • You need Mandatory Health Insurance (CSO). Se trata de un seguro subvencionado que ofrece una cobertura sanitaria equivalente a la que tiene un australiano en su país (y similar a nuestra sanidad pública). El OSHC se debe contratar por la duración del visado de estudiante (we hired the course). Each month OSHC costs about $40-50 AUD (about). Australian Way trabaja con las mejores compañías de seguros, so all our students are always well covered.
  • LETS YOU WORK STUDY up to 20h per week during the study period and up to 40 hours per week during the holiday period.
  • English Courses (General English, IELTS Preparation, Cambridge, etc)
  • Vocational Courses (Cursos KNOW)
  • Cursos TAFE
  • University Courses

You can also combine several courses within the same visa, for example an English course with a vocational course. It is always advisable to pick a course of long-term, ya que the second time renewing student visas in Australia the cost of the visa is $560 + $700.

  • Duración: one year (maximum).
  • For young people between 18 and 30 years old (both inclusive).
  • LETS YOU WORK AND STUDY en Australia.
    • Address to send all documents by mail:
      Australian Embassy, Berlin, Germany, Visa Office
      Wall Street 76-79
      D-10179 Berlin

  • are granted 1.500 visas.
  • El visado permite permanecer y trabajar en Australia por un periodo no superior a los doce meses desde la fecha de la primera entrada en el país.
  • Se trata de un visado de entrada múltiple temporal.
  • You can only get a visa of this type once in life.
  • It is possible to study for a maximum of 4 months.
  • It is allowed to work for a maximum of 12 months while in Australia and may not work for the same company over 6 months unless they are expressly authorized to do so by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • Habrá que volver a España una vez finalice su estancia en Australia.
  • Ser español y contar con pasaporte español válido.
  • Ser mayor de 18 years and under 31 upon request.
  • No haber solicitado este visado con anterioridad.
  • Tener dinero un mínimo de ahorros para nuestra estancia (required $5.000 AUD).
  • Tener billete de vuelta, or have sufficient funds to buy.
  • Abonar la tasa de solicitud del visado (Work and Holiday visa- subclass 462, cost $50 AUD). See:
  • Tener un nivel de inglés funcional (see details below).
  • He has completed at least two full years of higher education (Higher Education: see details below).
  • Cumplir con los requisitos en materia de salud y disponer de un seguro médico que cubra supuestos de hospitalización durante toda su estancia en Australia, in accordance with Australian law.
  • Carecer de antecedentes penales (signed statement).
  • Disponer de una carta de apoyo emitida por la Secretaría General de Inmigración y Emigración del Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social (see details below).
  • Declarar que la finalidad del viaje es turística o de adquisición de una experiencia personal o profesional.
  • It's a different way to get residence permit, including sponsorship.
  • This is very difficult to achieve because immigration laws are very strict.
  • The best option if what you want is to go to Australia only work.
  • Have less than 49 years old.
  • Level high English, demonstrable IELTS.
  • Have a profession in demand by the Australian Government, Your profession has to be on this list Skilled Occupations List (SOL).
  • Work experience demonstrable in recent years, after graduation.

The visa immigration remains a scoring system, and these four requirements are the more you score given, so, IF you do not meet any of these requirements, immigration visa is not possible. If you profession is not listed, You can not apply for this visa.

  • Duración: 1 year stay to work full-time, and having worked renewal year minimum 88 sectors in the first days.
  • Precio: $365.
  • You can work in different companies by 6 months and you can also study for a maximum of 4 months each year.

Exclusively for people with the following nationalities: Belgium, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom (Spaniards can not apply).

  • Encontrar un sponsorship that is backing us supposed to get the VISA 457.
  • Te permite trabajar en Australia por un período de entre un día y hasta 4 years old (sólo puedes trabajar en la posición en la que has sido nominado para obtener la visa y únicamente para la compañía empleadora que lo respalda.)
  • Tienes que traer contigo a todos los dependientes elegibles a Australia – dependientes pueden trabajar y estudiar en el país.
  • Después entrar a Australia, puedes viajar dentro y fuera de Australia ilimitadas veces.
¿CÓMO APLICO (steps)
  1. Apply for the firm / company is an approved firm / company sponsor.
  2. Apply for nominating the person that is required for the position.
  3. The visa application to the nominee.
  • For a company to be approved as a sponsor, must provide evidence of being a viable business to fulfill all the obligations that a sponsor has, among which is the power to pay any sponsored wage required by a 457 visa.
  • Further, the company must provide proof that provides education / training al staff, investment to education / training should be the 1% the total annual salary of the company; if the company is to demonstrate the 1% expenditures for education / training has two other ways to meet the requirement: the first is to pay the 2% the annual salary to fund education / training or otherwise is paying the 1% a company training / training who can generate a receipt to attach to the application for approval as a sponsor and then this provides the education / training needed.
  • the nomination identify business requires a genuine position and show evidence that it has been announced depending on the profession, also nominated occupation must be listed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Department of Immigration and Border Protection).
  • Any sponsored employee must have a salary in line with market rates that must be greater than $ 53.900AUD, This value excludes superannuation (pension fund) and other payments. The minimum payment established by Migration is $ 53.900AUD, this means that for example: if a teacher(a) normally make $ 60,000AUD this will be the salary that the business must pay. However, if you normally Professor(a) desire $35,000 so whoever wants to apply for this occupation can not be funded because the market rate is lower than required by the Immigration regulations, in relation to the salary, This value can not be increased arbitrarily this means that, if the company has a number of teachers who have a lower salary of $ 53.900AUD and this company wants to pay a foreign worker a salary above $53,900 AUD will not be allowed, unless all teachers employed by the company are winning over established by Migration.

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