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Can we talk about Australia without thinking surf? Impossible! Washed by the Indian Ocean to the west and the Pacific in the east, Australia is the largest island of the earth. More 35.735 km. coast has many beaches and surf spots world's most spectacular. This explains the “Sun, sand and surf” part of the Australian lifestyle.

Here you have some information about the most amazing surf spots in Australia, I am lucky enough to have tasted many :-), while recognizing that any corner of the Australian coast may be suitable for catching waves, depending on the season and the size of the waves look.

Australia map



The best time surfing is between December and April, due to the impact of cyclones in the Pacific Ocean during summer. But you can say that there are waves all year, with smaller, consistency and frequency. Also in summer the sea water is hot and reaches a 26 degrees. Prevailing winds blow from the South (Side Shores), with incidence of Off Shores, because sea water is warmer than on the mainland, mainly in the early hours of the morning. However in winter, has a 18grados, with a little cold wind, being necessary to use protective clothing.



The best places for surfing in Australia are in Gold Coast Queensland, in litoral Norte de New South Wales, in Southwest Melbourne – Geelong in Victory and Western Australia.


mejores spots para surfearSouth Stradbroke Island es a small sandy island. It is sparsely populated and can be reached by ferry from the mainland. The beach is a Beach Break, semidesert and very clean and nice, with a view which worth enjoying but do not surf. The background is white sand, and the size of the waves is ideal, between 3 a 6 feet. Several rights and lefts break perfect formation along the beach, depending on swell direction. At the north end of the island, a 20 km away, there is a perfect right point, cracking in a cove with dunes. It is difficult to find many people because to get there you need to April 1×4, which can be rented on site, besides walking much. In summer, when the swell from the north the waves are long.

The Spit, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Miami and Nobby . Truly this is one city beach, it has different names depending on the neighborhood in which you are. When conditions are favorable is reasonably surf. Spit also marks the beginning of the anti shark nets are placed near 500 m sand. When the sea is low and draft, These beaches are ideal for learning to surf.

Burleigh Heads is in internationally known for his mixed background of stone and sand. The right is perfect, rather long and tubular. Ensures waves up 15 feet or more. That is why it is always full, as well as being urban. The climate in the water can be tense because learners are mixed and professionals. They say the best time in this beach before dawn, when you can enjoy a half hour of excellent surf uncrowded.

Palm Beach Burleigh borders and is a long, open beach. It is good to learn cuao the sea is small, but nothing special. At the end of the beach, in a river dessembocadura, found a nice break Puint called Currumbin Point.

En Currumbin, meanwhile, la wave is long, perfect, excellent for long or short board. It has reasonably sized waves, and depending on the sea and the strong current of the river, piped in the first meters, where the fall is made literally behind a barrier of rocks. Requires no special unaítécnica, but if a good physical condition due to current hits from the left to swim long to return to peak.

kirra beach

kirra beach

En Node, Bilinga It is a stone that generates right and left, Elephant Rock, with shorter and hollow waves, making it perfect for learning to surf when the sea is calm. The ideal size is between 1 and 1.5 m.

Special mention Kirra. According to many Australians and foreign professionals, including Kelly Slater, Kirra is one of the best waves in the world right. Is long, extremely fast and tubular, whether it is large or small sea. Kirra bankruptcy over coral reefs and according to the size of the peak, it becomes 400m from the beach. When waves are not, Kirra corals provide excellent place with many fish and lobster fishing. The ideal size is 6 a 8 feet, which usually draws a crowd of surfers.

Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast


Greenmount, Rainbow Bay y Snappers Rocks. Snappers Rocks are al Kirra side and has a sequence of 2 perfect right points. If you are lucky the dolphins will be your companions waves. Rainbow Bay comes next, breaking half stone and half in sand. Greenmount is the last cove ending on the beach. Most experts say that under certain conditions the two points are connected, generating a “ride”very long. It is ideal for short or long tables and is not difficult to find several generations of surfers in the water, parents and children all surfers. Some waves make tube, but most do not. Note that Snappers Rocks was the stage for a period of WCT in 2002. The ideal size is 6 hen feet is not crowded.


MAPA surf new south wales



El estado de New South Wales, on the east coast, is probably the most famous surfing destination in Australia, largely thanks to its capital Sydney , it has become Bondi Beach It is a break of international repute. We also found other amazing surfing beaches in the metropolitan area of ​​Sydney as Manly, Dee Why, Narrabeen and Avalon.



Climbing the north coast of New South Wales, There are several excellent surf spots, how come Coffs Harbour. Precisely in just over a week begins Australian Surf festival held in Coffs harbor and beyond who dedicate an entry in this blog. Here you can browse the official website of this internationally renowned festival: www.australiansurffestival.com . We also found other enclaves like Ulladulla, Wollongong, Crescent Head y Nambucca Heads.

Duranbah, on the northern border state, is undoubtedly the most popular beach among surfers because of the Gold Coast always well-formed waves, short, perfect hollow, and which is oriented south haciea, where they come from many wave. Although often filled, always waves for everyone. The beach is protected by a breaking point in the sea that generates Ótimas right, and in the middle isolated peaks throughout the whole extent of the beach complete the picture.

Cabarita unabuena beach is also an excellent point right. With a huge stone serving bankruptcy sea, the wave can be super long, or become isolated peaks.



Also, a surf class, with endless beaches, hot water, excellent food and a bohemian atmosphere make Byron Bay, on the border with Queensland, an unavoidable stage in the agenda of any surfer visit Australia. Byron Bay is a mecca for surfers and hippies of the year 60 and 70, an inlet of outstanding beauty that has become a must for surfers and non-surfers. It starts out in a sea advancing and representing the most extreme point of Australia. At the tip of it is the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse and under three coves with sandy bottom where perfect waves break right. If you are lucky you can see dolphins and whales surf while in offshore. I had her! The water is so clear, you can see the white sand bottom go under the table as if floating in the air. However, keep in mind that depending on the swell direction, Byron Bay may be smaller than other places. But when the surf is good, the entire city smiles surfers.



In this review of the Gold Coast can not miss Lennox Heads, Home, of 140 km de ongitud. Es muy difícil encontrar un punto de derecha tan perfecto y al mismo tiempo intimidante como éste. El motivo es que toda la extensión de este spot está compuesta por piedras grandes, they do enter the sea a complicated task for beginners if you want to hit or break the table. The sea is really deep, and a very dark turquoise waters, super clean, what makes a good hiding place for sharks, mainly Black and the Tiger. The output can be even harder, because you have to climb a hill with a short, thick field, which is normally filled with Taipans and Brown Snakes, the first and second world most venomous cobra. Ignoring these “small details”, the waves are wonderful, very radical and very perfect. But the rule in Lennox Heads never surf alone, very experienced surf and enjoy full fitness. Anecdotally, cabe decir que un poco más al sur de Lennox, in 2001, below a shark attacked a surfer. The man flew 5 m in the air and went shark leaving the sealed table with his teeth. Surprisingly. surfer just suffered some scrapes and left the sea on their own feet.


geelongTorquay isa global surf center located 95 Km southwest of Melbourne. Although quite popular in the summer, Torquay is a destination for the year and is considered the capital of surfing in Australia, since some of the biggest names in beach fashion industry and equipment for surf, have factories or offices in Torquay. In the Surf City Plaza you can find stores that sell those factories with small manufacturing defects, almost imperceptible, for about half the price. There are real bargains, I say this from experience :) Close by, the Surfworld Museum has rare and interesting pieces about the history and culture of Surf worth a visit.



Bells Beach, a few minutes drive from Torquay, ands a mecca of surfing which houses the world's oldest professional surfing event, el Rip Curl Pro. Bells entire area consists of several separate peaks pop called Wink, Bells Bowl, Rincon, Centreside and Southside. Bells waves are right, entering a point inward, but not for beginners. When conditions are good, is one of the best right of Australia and the world, Pretty tubular, fast and long. No obsante, water can be a bit cold and wind can disturb.

Jan Juc is also a fine sandy beach quite sought surfers and good for swimming in warm hand. The name of the point most sought by surfers is Birdrock, which is also close to Torquay.

Leaving the Great Ocean Road, Inlet and before it is Aireys Urquhart Bluff, a long sandy beach with caves, Stones songs, and natural pools in the rocks. Reasonably surfing and is also good for fishing or hiking.

Similar to this is the Eastern View, offering good waves when conditions are favorable.

Fairheaven, over 6 Km, has good waves for surfing or bodyboarding. Right and left in isolated peaks break along the beach and when conditions are favorable produce good tubes.

In this list we can cite also Lorne, tiene un point right on the edge of the stone and the isolated peaks along the beach, making it a highly sought after beach in summer.


western australia, mejores spots surf en australia, estudiar en australia, australianway.es, estudiarenaustralia.esFamous for its variety, la costa de Western Australia, over 12.000 km, makes it one of the best surfers destinations, with many reefs, beaches and point breaks.

Margaret river is the undisputed capital of surfing in Western Australia, over 40 km of coastline and class waves.. From here have come great surfers like Taj Burrow and Jake Patterson.

Nearby is Prevelly, one of the most coveted surf spots in the world.

Ningaloo Reef, (but not on the map is encuentraal north of Perth) estádeclarado World Heritage. This reef offers some of the most spectacular spots in Western Australia and housed in the decade of the 90 el Billabong Super Challenge event.

Denmark It is the perfect beach to learn to surf with long, tubular waves. It also has a local surf school that can help you improve your technique.

Esperance is one of the best kept secrets of surfing. Here the ocean merges with hundreds of islands and reefs romen on the horizon. If you want adventure, go to Cyclops, Rated one of the most amazing spots and less surfed the world!


Ningaloo Reef

About an hour north of Perth is Lancelin / Yanchep, with ideal conditions for surfing at all levels. For the beginners Eddie Backbeachenn Lancelin Island and recommended, while surfers most pros prefer solitary Alkimos Beach in Yanchep.

The pristine and unfamiliar waters Geraldton They are ideal both for beginners and experts. Mahomet's Back Beach offers excellent surfing in summer while Sunset Beach has a perfect wave in winter.

Meanwhile Rottnest Island ofece numeros reef breaks, being the most popular of them all Strickland Bay.

Jake’s Point en Kalbarri is a surfer's beach most picturesque offering one of the best waves in left Australia.



Located between the towns of Rockingham y Mandurah is a stretch of coastline that is popular destination for surfers. You can try and get close to the beaches of Singleton, Golden Bay o a Secret Harbour, with clear water and good waves.

Finally, we can not forget the beaches that extend Perth and surrounding. If you want to try some of their most famous waves, go to Scarborough, Trigg, Watermen, City Beach, O Blooms Cottesloe. The waves do not disappoint and entertainment area buzzes with numerous cafes and pubs that animate this area of ​​great tradition surfing.



Aquí os dejamos algunas de las mejores páginas de previsiones de olas y previsiones para hacer surf que hay en Australia. Hay en algunas que tenéis incluso webcams:





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