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This is only a guide to what the nurses to go to work in Australia going with a student visa:

En primer lugar, ir a la universidad y que te den una copia de las horas de practicas y las asignaturas con tu número de horas y nota final. Put the Apostille Convention to title. Find yourself a INTERNATIONAL TRANSLATOR and you translate it all to English. Te harán falta también todas las vacunaciones y una copia del colegio de enfermería al que pertenezcas (there are people who must give you high and then low). Prepare IELTS ,and that requests a 6 un 7. As you can, ¡contacta a una agencia de enfermeros AUSTRALIANA! and they will provide the information needed to obtain the visa 457. It takes about 6-8 months paperwork, Not to mention the English exam. You will also be required police check of each country in which you have lived at least a year in the last 10 years old. Here you have some agencies nurses in Australia:

  • Nursing australia
  • Healthcare australia
  • Travel nursing, etc….

In Sydney say there are already many nurses, but perhaps in other states is Best Thing, for example Northern Territory or Western Australia still need. Pagan well, I value the experience you have (in Australia you pay for years worked) and you have 6 weeks of vacation a year. Furthermore there is no discrimination for key positions. ¡Buena suerte!

¿Qué se puede hacer siendo enfermero mientras estudias y trabajas en Australia antes de obtener el IELST?

While you wait and do the IELTS registration with AHPRA, is recommended that you work as “personal care assistant” o PCA, que es algo así como auxiliar de clínica. Puedes ir a los departamentos de recursos humanos de los hospitales y pedir que te inscriban en el “bank” (it's like a job) or seek a private agency. So you can know the system inside and supervisors of plants know you.

The process of validation of a nursing degree is LONG, TORTUOUS and EXPENSIVE. Existen mil requisitos que la AHPRA (the department that regulates records: PROCESS FOR REQUIRED TO EXERCISE in Australia) asks to register.

These can be seen in

These requirements call for having a near-native level in English(7 of 9 in every part of examen.Es say:7,7,7,7)The test to be presented is called IELTS, y es se necesita al menos entre 6 and 9 meses de estudio para poder sacarlo. Average (This is not to discourage anyone) es sacarlo entre la séptima y la octava vez. Por supuesto pagando cada vez AUD330 cada vez. To this one must add all other requirements AHPRA calls.

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