Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand

Are you planning to travel abroad? Would you like to spend a season in New Zealand? Entonces posiblemente te interese aplicar a la Working Holiday Visa. ¡Está a punto de salir la nueva convocatoria! En este post te contamos todo lo que necesitas saber para poder aplicar y conseguir una de las 200 plazas disponibles para España.


It is a visa designed especially for people who want to settle for a certain time in a country. The duration usually one year, allowing maximum work for six months, of which no more than 3 with the same employer. No longer a temporary residence permit for a specified time before we undertake the march elsewhere.

Countries that currently allow this type of visa are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Korea del Sur, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay and New Zealand. Regarding the Spanish, we are able to apply directly to the WHV from Canada or New Zealand (it is not yet possible from Australia).

  • Places available: 200 plazas
  • Open Enrollment: 13 of April, a las 10.00am (New Zealand hours)
  • compulsory age: between 18 and 30 years old.
  • Coste: NZ $208 (unos 125€ aprox.).
  • A Spanish citizen, Argentinian, Chilean, Mexican, Peru or Uruguay with passport be valid for at least 3 months after our scheduled departure from New Zealand.
  • Have between 18 and 30 years old old.
  • Do not bring children.
  • Have one return ticket or sufficient funds for the duration of your stay and the purchase of return ticket (such evidence may be requested upon arrival to the country).
  • Have one minimum NZ $ 4.200 of funds available to cover your living costs while you're here.
  • Achieve the health requirements and behavior (see here) New Zealand.
  • hiring a medical hospitalization insurance for your entire stay.
  • Coming to New Zealand holiday, It is of a secondary nature to work or study.
  • Not having approved a previous visa under a regime of Working Holiday.
  • You can not be a permanent job while in New Zealand (unless you apply for and receive a visa ordinary work).
  • You can not work for a longer period to 6 months.
  • You can not work for the same employer for more than 3 months.
  • You can not enroll in one or more training or studies lasting longer than 3 months in total during your visit.
  • New Zealand law prohibits anyone with a temporary visa, including Working Holiday Visa, to provide sexual services for profit, or invest in a business that provides such services.

Like all workers in New Zealand, it takes a Número de revolved so your boss can deduct the tax from your earnings in the estimated time. When you go to leave the country, Remember that you have the option to request tax refund (It is not bad that you return some money, true?). For more information, You can view the page Inland Revenue.

PASO 1: Register an account on the website of Immigration

We have to register in the website Immigration New Zealand. This way we can make when we want, so it is not necessary to wait until the day of the application to create our own. By accessing the registration form, default, we will get the option "Complete an Expression of Interest“. We will give "next"And we introduce our data:

  • Name and surname
  • Email address
  • Username you want to have
  • User password (minor 15 characters with at least 4 letters and 2 numbers )
  • secret question and answer
  • Check the box in which we accept the conditions of use
PASO 2: Fill in the online form on the day of application to the WHV

The day that opens the deadline to apply to the visa must access the web user Immigration and password you have previously created. The day to apply is different for each nationality, in the case of Spanish is the 13 April at 10.00am (New Zealand time).

We must fill our data as soon as possible, as competition for these visas is very large and within minutes all seats are depleted.


  • Have ready the data that we are going to ask us you can save much time. For this same reason, our advice is to write in a word processor such as Word to copy and paste. This will prevent any data also misspell that, as in the case of passport, it is easy to mistake us for the rush.
  • Having opened the web Immigration our user to log in multiple tabs and / or windows and, if possible, in two different browsers. With this we will have more opportunities because if we have a problem with a particular browser can switch to another.
  • constantly update the web of Immigration until the registration period opens. This can be done by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard or clicking with the mouse on the icon of your browser to make this function.
PASO 3: Pay the Working Holiday Visa New Zealand

We owe visa pay with credit card. We can do so by Visa or MasterCard, and no matter who is in our name or not. To avoid disappointment last minute, It is best to check with the bank if you can make payment with your current card and incidentally make sure you have enough balance. For a Spanish resident in Spain the cost is NZ $208 (125 € approx.). If you've come this far and managed to make payment, the square is yours… or at least we should have it reserved. If we send doctors time to the nearest embassy tests and comply with the requirements, They will grant us the WHV.

PASO 4: I have reserved the square… What is the next step?

If we are within 200 people who have managed to complete the process Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand, We receive an email with a file in Word format containing the following steps to perform. In this email we will see our name, birth date, customer number and type of application. Usually it comes soon after completing your application, so if you do not receive look in the folder "spam" or "spam" just in case. If you get the mail will have to write to as soon as possible.

After completing payment, in that email you will indicate whether you should carry out a medical examination or X-ray. If so, will you have 15 days to send the Medical X-ray form 1096. The first thing to do is print, and to take it to the doctor to be filled. Do not worth your regular doctor (see here the list of approved doctors New Zealand).

The medical check expires after three months, so we suggest you do after requesting the visa or weeks before (taking into account the risk of paying for it without having secured the square WHV). In Spain you can become a medical checkup in the following cities: Barcelona, Bilbao, La Coruna, Madrid, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife. Usually it costs about 40-50 euros. Apart from the X-ray certificate you must carry both the passport as a passport photo.

Once you have all the papers you must send them by regular mail (in Express Mail if you are short of time) a the nearest authorized medical direction. If we are Spanish, The envelope must be addressed to London. IMPORTANT: do not forget to add in the on reference number you have assigned in the mail.

PASO 5: I've Been accepted! What do I do now?

After making all the steps, you must be patient and wait until you receive another email that finally will see that your visa has been accepted. From this point you'll have a whole year to leave for New Zealand and, once we get there, we will have another year since the day we got to enjoy our stay. Anyway, Immigration anywhere you can check at any time what are the dates on which you should handle yourself.

PASO 6: Print eVisa

When you have confirmed your place for the WHV New Zealand you will see that entering your user page Immigration have an new option: the eVisa. This you must print before traveling to New Zealand, as it is one of the roles they ask you when you get.

PASO 7: You are in any doubt?

Check page of questions and answers to answer any questions you have.