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Friend s of Australian Way,

For those who are interested and that you are asking us work and holiday visa in AUSTRALIA, say that we have been talking with the Embassy of Australia in Madrid and there is still no agreement.

It is quite possible that this agreement will be signed soon and, when this happens, We will convene a meeting at the Embassy to explain the terms of the.

Surely, the agreement was signed, It takes effect from 2015.Habrá a number of requirements to be met by the person who requests: in principle be between 18 and 30 years old, a certain knowledge of demonstrable English, an advanced degree and a minimum savings. Further, places will be limited.

Anyway, will keep you informed and you'll more details from Australian Way .

Do not hesitate to contact us, We will be happy to assist you on any matter!!! :-)

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  1. But. says:

    Hello! I want to ask the Working Holiday Visa when you leave… and I can hear when the allocation of positions shall be opened? Thank you!

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